The Victoria Mutual Foundation

The Victoria Mutual Foundation (VMF) has been established as the vehicle through which Victoria Mutual will positively transform the lives of Jamaicans globally. For 140 years, the Victoria Mutual Group has remained committed to improving quality of life through philanthropic efforts and business imperatives. The VMF projects will focus on Leadership and Nation Building, Youth Empowerment and improving Health and Family Life.


To positively transform the lives of Jamaicans globally


We are committed to empowering individuals within our communities, locally and in the diaspora, by delivering programmes through a dedicated team of volunteers and partners focused on improving quality of life


Leadership and Nation Building

National Leadership Prayer Breakfast
The purpose of the annual National Leadership Prayer Breakfast is to foster greater unity in the nation, particularly among the nation’s leaders, at all levels. It focuses on key issues for national development

Governor-General Achievement Awards
The Governor-General Achievement Awards acknowledges the contribution of ordinary Jamaicans who have selflessly worked to develop their communities and the nation.

Schools/PTA Resource Mobilization Training Programme

This new programme seeks to build the capacity of PTAs and schools to understand resource mobilisation techniques and to build skills around identifying resource gaps and best ways to fill them.

Youth Empowerment

VMF supports achievement at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. the VMF Head Start Scholarship plan emphasises the importance of saving and financial prudence from an early age and grants scholarships to over 50 students annually.

Social Enterprise in Secondary Schools
VMF partners with the British Council on this project that seeks to expose children in grades 7 to 9 to the skills and practices needed to identity opportunities and develop businesses with a social purpose.

Financial Literacy for Young People
The key to achieving Financial Independence is having access to financial knowledge and tools, and then making a deliberate plan to achieve success. It also requires focus and a commitment to doing what is necessary to achieve ones goals and dreams. The VMF Financial Literacy series will provide young people with the necessary support to guide them along the path towards making wise financial decisions in order to create wealth and achieve their financial goals.

Under-13 Football Coaches Development Programme
VMF works with coaches in St James to strengthen their ability to work with young people for their holistic development, including life skills, health information and financial literacy, culminating in us hosting a parish-based football league.

Health and Family

Marriage and the Family Seminar
Held annually, the Marriage and the Family Series highlights important issues faced by Jamaican families and parents in presentations, panel discussions and Q&A sessions.

Adopt a Clinic
VMF has pledged to support the Ministry of Health’s Adopt a Clinic programme.  We will support the St Jago Park Health Centre and help to facilitate contributions to the initiative from Jamaicans both locally and in the diaspora.

Healthy Lifestyles
VMF sees health as an important aspect of wealth and wealth creation, and is supporting an innovative programme using social media to highlight the importance of prevention, early detection and care for a suite of lifestyle illnesses.