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We arrived early in the morning. Check-in was quick and efficient. The ladies were very pleasant, then we were assisted to our rooms which were clean and fresh smelling. Our stay included four breakfast daily, which was delicious and we enjoyed every day with our family. Great stay.

Francine B - Source: TripAdvisor

Altamont Court is a quiet and charming place. It is off the beaten path, yet within walking distant to all the amenities that I was looking for. The Jamaican breakfast was worth the stay. The courteous staff was amazing. Upon my arrival, I was greeted with a bright, beautiful infectious smile by Cherene at the front desk. Kevin the security knew all the great places to eat in New Kingston. I will make it Altamont again and again.

Jonah001 - Source: TripAdvisor

Had to go back to Jamaica for another Funeral 5 months from the time I stayed at the Altamont. "WOW" was I in for a surprise. Room was great, The great staff was excellent. The food was very delicious.

Fargosbbq - Source: TripAdvisor

This hotel is in a convenient, safe location.Walking distance to Emancipation park. The hotel is clean, the staff is very friendly and courteous and the Jamaican food is very authentic and good. You will be surprised in a good way!

Erline D - Source: TripAdvisor

Hotel Facilities

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